Possible Cultural Essay Topics – 2022 Ideas

Culture is an important characteristic of a group of people that is defined by a particular language, religion, values, etc. Different people in the world have a different culture that varies in food, habits, and belief.

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However, you can also use these below-mentioned sample topics to come up with a great idea for your cultural essay.



1.      What is culture? The definition and development



2.      Is culture a defining trait of humans only? Can animals have a culture?



3.      What are some cultural similarities worldwide?



4.      Will local cultures and globalization ever extinct?



5.      Culture as a political tool.



6.      Discuss the concept of nationalism and culture.



7.    How cultural can influence our religion?



8.      Define kids and elders in different cultures



9.      Discuss the concepts of culture, gender and gender roles.



10.   Attitude to sex in different cultures.



11.   Culture and law: How much the legislative system is influenced by culture?



12.   Global culture: What can it be?



13.   Languages and cultures



14.   How does native culture influence human psychology?



15.   African-American culture as a part of American culture in general



16.   Multicultural communities: How do they live?



17.   The phenomenon of female culture in closed communities: Why does it emerge?



18.   Pop Culture and mass media



19.   The culture as business and political tool



20.   Advertisement and culture



21.   Conservation of culture in isolated communities



22.   People of mixed origins: Shall they be considered a separate culture?



23.   Death in different cultures.



24.   Rigid class segregation in culture.



25.   The culture clash between colonizers and natives.



26.   The alien cultures in literature and films. What defines them as an alien?



27.   What are the roles of the media creating and maintaining ethnic stereotypes?



28.    U.S. Involvement in Latin America



29.    Effect of pop culture in enhancing social coexistence



30.    Effects on Immigration Policies



31.    Impact on Inter-ethnic relations



32.    Language Differences in America



33.    Bilingual Education



34.    Should America have more than one "national language"?



35.    Drug Abuse among Minorities



36.   Research on the psychological differences of Black athletes



37.   Cultural revival movements



38.   Ethical issues associated with pop culture



39.   Contemporary Chicano writers



40.   Minorities in Business



41.   Minorities and the Mass Media (TV, film, radio, etc.)



42.   Effects of drugs and alcohol on the modern culture and youth



43.   Artists need to bear ethical responsibility



44.   Modern culture can affect people’s way of thinking



45.   Should artists be held responsible for depravity?



46.   Universal accessibility leads to many artists being deprived of their royalties.



47.   Analyze in your essay the moral aspects of piracy.



48.   Ethnic Minority Women in Political Movements



49.   Origin and function of the early Black churches



50.   Role of Catholic/Protestant Churches in Chicano Communities



51.   Impact of legal rulings in the education of minorities



52.   Impact of African culture on Black Americans



53.   Early African practices and beliefs



54.   Impact of Native American culture on Mexican Americans / on American culture



55.   Historical sketch of Blacks in Politics



56. The influence of different religions on culture. 



57. The order of multi-cultural communities. 



58. What are the roots of racial discrimination? 



59. The influence of popular culture on today’s youth. 



60. How do gender roles differ in various cultures? 



61. Attitude to sex and its role in different cultures. 



62. The influence of culture on the advertisement. 



63. The most prominent cultural revolutions and their history. 



64. Peculiarities of Greek culture and its impact on the ancient Mediterranean world. 



65. What changes did culture undergo in the Victorian era? 


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